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Specialist Fertility Counsellor

Stress Management Consultant

Fertility Mind-Body Health & Wellness Coach

Ann Bracken (AMBICA) (AMIACP) is a Specialist Fertility Counsellor, Author and Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist offering Online Fertility Counselling (Skype, FT, Telephone). She is also qualified to provide Mind-Body Fertility Health & Wellness and Stress Management
consultations online.

Ann is an Internationally Accredited Member with BICA. She is qualified and accredited as a Fertility Counsellor, CBT Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Trainer and Fertility Mind-Body Wellness Coach. Ann is also qualified in Nutritional Therapy. Ann tailors each Fertility Counselling/Coaching appointment to the individual needs of the client.

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Online - Specialist Fertility Counselling includes:

  • Support fertility counselling for Individuals and Couples undertaking assisted fertility treatment
  • Implications counselling for Donation - sperm/eggs or embryos. Includes report writing if required for fertility clinics/hospitals
  • Relationship support counselling for couples
  • Support with dietary changes – using CBT & Nutritional Therapy with between session handouts
  • Therapy Fee: 100 per Implications Therapy Session and includes report letter if required. Call 085 7414866 to arrange an appointment.

Stress Management Consultancy

  • Integrating Mind/Body Health & Wellness support to reduce mind and body stress with CBT Fertility Counselling, Relationship support, Mindfulness stress reduction, Nutritional Therapy, Yoga and therapeutic journaling.
  • Stress Management Consultancy includes 3 x 1.5 hour sessions £120 per session. To book this, please email Ann on

I will contact you in advance of our appointment to know a little more about your needs at this time. This helps us to keep the therapy focused on your therapeutic goals.

You can also look at my video opposite to see how Online Fertility Counselling works.

My most recent book, Mind Body Baby (Yellow Kite publishers) integrates CBT Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, nutrition, yoga and Mind/Body practices to support couples and individuals as they journey through natural and assisted fertility treatment.


Previously, I worked as a lecturer in the department of Psychology at Glyndwr University and as Senior Fertility Counsellor at the Lister Fertility Clinic, London and Sims IVF part of the Virtus fertility health clinics. I also provide Implications Fertility Counselling for Beacon Care and other clinics in the UK, US and Ireland.

As a certified Fertility Mind Body Programme Trainer, I provide workshops and training programmes for both individuals, couples and clinics in Fertility Mind-Body Health & Wellness.