Online Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Breath Work & Yoga Trainer

A bit about me...

Ann Bracken (MA, Grad.Dip. PG Dip.) is an Online Counselling Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Stress Reduction Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Health Nutritionist and Author.

You can book Appointments or Training Workshops with Ann (subject to availability) by emailing:

With most issues or problems we face, they impact on our MIND and BODY.  Therefore, the therapy I provide aims to support on all these levels:

  • We explore your thinking patterns and self beliefs relating to significant events and relationships (including with yourself!), to positively support change of any unhelpful thinking patterns or self-beliefs with CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy)
  • Therapy will deepen your understanding of your Emotional Process and Triggers, to support you in overcoming any body held stress and emotional dysregulation with Mindfulness, Breathwork & focused Relaxation techniques
  • Help to establish therapeutic and life goals with Acceptance & Commitment & Positive Psychology Approaches

I provide a Mind-Body therapeutic approach to online counselling and coaching appointments. Mindfulness with CBT and Positive Psychology can support you to overcome emotional issues or problems and to gain more personal fulfilment in life and relationships. It helps you to explore and, where necessary, let go of any ways of being that may no longer serve you and to increase self-care. Yoga skills help to bring more equilibrium to body and mind and as most issues we face affect our mind and our bodies, I tend to take a more unified approach also to how we should create positive change and heal.

I provide Online Therapy via Zoom as it is fully encrypted – providing evidence based therapy and between session resources/handouts. This means you become more empowered in your process of change – you train yourself to be your own therapist!

My Background

You don’t need my CV, however here are some things you should probably know…

  • I previously managed and provided online and in-person therapy for The Lister Hospital, Chelsea, London and also Sims in Dublin (part of Virtus worldwide health group). I currently provide Online Therapy for individuals and some organisations including Beacon Care, Dublin and to Individuals throughout Ire/UK/EU.
  • I have been providing Therapy and Mind/Body Health & Wellness Training Online since 2017.  I also lecture on an MA and BA degree course in Counselling & Psychotherapy in ICHAS and I taught on the BA Counselling & Psychotherapy degree course as an associate lecturer in the department of Psychology at Glyndwr University, Wales.
  • I have over 17 years of experience working in hospital, clinic, third level educational and private practice settings as a Counselling Psychotherapist, Lecturer and also Clinical Supervisor in the UK and Ireland.
  • I enjoy writing about emotional and psychological health and Mind/Body wellness and am a regular contributor to Huffington Post NY in addition to being a published author and feature writer.
  • I am passionate about the client being the instigator of change in their own life and therapist-client work together to support this positive transformation – therapy is focused on supporting you to be your own therapist working towards your life and healing goals.
  • I am qualified and accredited in: Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT), Mindfulness Training, Yoga Teaching, Integrative Counselling, Clinical Supervision, EMDR Trauma Therapy, Body Psychotherapy Healing, Diet & Nutrition and Online Therapy provision.