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How it works

Ann Bracken provides individual Online Counselling and Psychotherapy. In therapy we establish your therapeutic, relationship and life goals and explore and work towards overcoming any issues or ways of being which may be holding you back or causing you distress.

Online Counselling and Psychotherapy offers the same level of support and confidentiality as offered in a traditional therapeutic setting. It is convenient, provides anonymity and is time efficient. Counselling Online also provides access to therapy by an experienced and specialised Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Counsellor (see profile) to support you with overcoming any difficult feelings or problems you may be experiencing.


Online Counselling – Psychotherapy can support you in overcoming…


How can I avail of Online Counselling Support?


Email Counselling

Email Counselling offers the opportunity to consider the problem you are having, email your concerns, and receive a therapeutic email response that includes therapeutic support sheets attached. Email counselling can be a very effective way of resolving issues. Therapeutic emails include detailed

answers and therapeutic suggestions (CBT & solution focused) to help you overcome your fertility 
related issue.

If you decide to book email counselling, it is recommended that you open a confidential email address with www.safe-mail.net or other secure, encrypted mail server.

All emails receive a therapeutic email response within 48 hours unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Counsellor

Email Counselling Fees (in euros/stg/dollars)

    • 1 Email from you and 1 x therapeutic response via email from the therapist (average 800 words)
      40 euro / £33 stg / 50 USD
    • 3 emails received from you – therapeutic responses x 3
      110 euros / £90 stg / 140 USD
    • 5 emails received from you – therapeutic responses x 5
      190 euros / £150 stg / 249 USD

* Please note Paypal will provide up to date daily exchange rate at point of payment.


Skype Face to Face

Research has shown that Online Counselling provides effective therapeutic support (Journal of Mental Health Counselling, 2007) when combined with CBT. Ann Bracken, Mindfulness Counsellor & Cognitive Behavoural Psychotherapist provides Online Therapy via Skype or FaceTime, Telephone or Email.

How does online Skype or FaceTime Counselling work?

You will need to download Skype (free) on www.skype.com
You will provide your Skype or Apple FaceTime name or Number on your Appointment Bookiing Form 
* Please provide your email address also on your appointment booking form to receive a
Client Agreement Form. This is required to have been read and agreed to prior to live
face to face session.

It is important that you have privacy and you choose a space where you will be free from interruption for your Face to Face online counselling session. It is also important that you have high res internet connection and a webcam on your computer.

Online Skype/Facetime Counselling Fees (in euros/stg/dollars)

    90 euros/ £90 stg / 105 USD

  • 1 Hour Therapeutic Counselling therapeutic session (live face to face via webcam)


Telephone Counselling

Many clients find telephone counselling helpful as they find it easier to communicate over the telephone. Also, they can decide where and when they will make the call, making it accessible and easy to manage. Therapeutic counselling is provided in the same way as a face to face session using the telephone. A recent study found that 58% of individuals who had experienced both in-person and phone counseling preferred phone counseling (Journal of Counseling Psychology).

How does Telephone Counselling Work?

Firstly, you provide your telephone number (including country & area code) on
your Appointment booking form. Also, you will be asked to complete the Counselling 
Agreement form prior to your Telephone Counselling Session. Your Online Counsellor
will telephone you at the agreed date/time.

It is helpful to provide some background information on the issues you would like to
resolve on your booking form. During your initial counselling therapeutic session,
your online Counsellor will outline a recommended number of telephone counselling
sessions (short term CBT/Solution Focused/Mindfulness therapy).

Telephone Fertility Counselling Fees (in euros/stg/dollars)

  • 1 Hour Therapeutic Counselling Therapy session (Telephone)
    90 euros/ £90 stg / 105 USD