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Testimonials & Feedback

“I have never met Ann in person but I feel like I have.  She has helped me heal and change my life through cbt techniques and her gentle and skilled therapeutic approach. Online therapy has the advantage of no waiting rooms, no traffic and your own safe space to explore issues and it’s close to your own kettle for a restorative cuppa after! ”
—— by Kate, London – Overcoming work related stress & low mood


I feel like I have taken charge of my life again, having gained real insights and support with Ann’s online therapy. Her expertise, knowledge and understanding of her profession is incredible. I have had the privilege of face to face two years ago and online therapy recently with Ann and I found both to be equally as beneficial. It was easy to connect and be honest about my problems with Ann and I am delighted to have overcome them. I would recommend her online therapy without a moment’s hesitation.
—— by Alice, Oxford – Relationship Difficulties & Anxiety


“I am so pleased that I now feel like I can actually enjoy my family and friends again. I’d forgotten how that felt. What I learned from using CBT is so helpful and I continue to use it when I’m faced with challenging times.”
—— by Damien, Counselling for Depression, Dublin & low self-confidence


“Thank you for giving me the tools to recognise and calm my anxiety. I really felt understood and am far more able to manage situations that once seemed overwhelming.”
—— By Julie, Counselling for Anxiety, Lisbon


“The CBT worksheets have been really useful in helping me to understand how I feel the way I do and to have more balanced thinking when under pressure. I’m still reading the book on assertiveness in work – putting it into practice!”
—— By Joan, Work Related Stress


“I have found the online therapy really helpful as I am busy enough. I feel less irritated and impatient towards others and I also find the mindfulness very relaxing.”
—— By Kathy, Counselling for Anger Management & Assertiveness, London


“Thanks so much Ann. I have developed my ‘inner career’ and am far less critical of xxxxx and myself. It has given us both time to reflect more on the supportive qualities of our relationship.”
—— By Emily, Counselling for Relationship & Communication issues, Manchester


“Facing donor sperm treatment was the most challenging experience of my life. What an emotional rollercoaster! You have really helped both of us not just accept where we are at but also how to move forward positively together towards building our family. Thanks Ann.”
—— By John, Fertility Counselling


“I found it really easy to open up to you about what I then discovered was Health Anxiety even though I never shared this without anyone else. I understand why I got it and have really learned to keep it in check. I no longer experience the panic attacks and honestly feel like I’ve been given my life back.”
—— By Sandrine, Counselling for Health Anxiety & Panic Attacks