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What is Mindfulness

Incorporating mindfulness based skills can be powerful in supporting a reduction in stress and also an increased sense of clarity and self-kindness. It supports increased self awareness by supporting a more relaxed and present sense of self. By observing our mental stories and thoughts or physical experiences rather than reacting to them, we reduce internal conflict and increase acceptance of our moment to moment experience. This helps to provide a clearer space to make wise decisions moving forward.


Evidence Based Treatment

Mindfulness can be very helpful in lowering anxiety and stress and Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is listed by the UK’s National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE Guidelines) as the treatment approach for recurrent low mood/depression.

Research has shown that Mindfulness is also helpful in decreasing the ‘Fight or Flight’ response to situations and increasing the opposite, ‘Relaxation Response’ thus reducing stress/anxiety and enhancing our overall sense of wellbeing. Mindfulness supports us to keep in tune with our present experience rather than engaging with worries about the future or focusing on regrets about the past.


How it works

Mindfulness skills help to…

  • Increase a sense of personal wellbeing
  • Increase our ability to observe our experiences rather than labeling them (e.g. awful, too much, hopeless etc)
  • Notice our responses to situations – on a physical sensation, feeling or thought level. This provides the space to create a more centered and considered response to events rather than automatically reacting.
  • Develop more self caring and self acceptance attitudes (even when experiencing difficulties)
  • Deepen our self-understanding – can notice emotionally charged thoughts and rather than getting caught in ruminating or blaming ways of thinking, can begin to let them go – as just a thought coming and going.
  • Deepens our self/other/life acceptance attitudes.
  • Lessens our attachment to conflict – we choose healthier relationships and situations to connect with.


Mindfulness practice includes:

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
  • Mindfulness breathwork
  • The body scan
  • Self-care & compassion meditations
  • Mindful & Restorative Movement
  • Mindful attention to daily activities
  • Understanding your Mind

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