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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Online Counselling Psychotherapist Ann Bracken outlines the nature of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the therapeutic approach for treatment. We have all met (and perhaps even in ourselves!) the irritating habits of someone obsessed with some aspect of their life e.g. exercise, cleaning or work. As you eat, they clean… or miss the latest agreed arrangement […]

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Self-care for Fertility

It can be helpful to establish a self-supportive plan as we can only draw water from a well with water in it. Making time to nurture yourself and your relationship ensures that you have the resources to optimise fertility and increase your confidence as you go through a treatment process. Having a sense of closeness […]

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Lower Stress with The Relaxation Response

In 1915 Harvard researcher, Dr Walter Cannon identified the ‘Fight or Flight’ physiological stress response in humans. Through research, Dr Cannon discovered that this survival response is triggered in perceived dangerous situations and includes: * an urge to fight or flee * a release of hormones * a marked increase in heart rate * raised […]

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