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Booking Online Therapy

When booking your preferred online therapy, it is helpful to provide a brief note of the problems you would like to resolve. I will request this via email. This ensures that we begin your therapy in a very solution focused way.
I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Online Therapy – Skype/Facetime Counselling Fees (in euros/stg/dollars)

  • 1 Hour Counselling and Psychotherapy session (live face to face via webcam) £75 stg/ €75


Telephone Counselling

Firstly, you provide your telephone number (including country & area code) on your Appointment booking form. The Counsellor  will telephone you at the agreed date/time. Telephone Online Counselling Fees (in euros/stg/dollars)

  • 1 Hour Counselling & Psychotherapy session (Telephone) £75 stg €75


Email Counselling

Email Counselling offers the opportunity to consider the problem you are having, email your concerns, and receive a therapeutic email response within 48 hours that includes therapeutic support sheets attached. Email Counselling Fees (in euros/stg/dollars)

  • 3 emails received from you – therapeutic responses x 3(6 emails) £150 stg